Jan 23, 2008

Tonight for a snack I ate a Rootbeer Freeze and chicken rings. Yeah, that isn't a typo. They weren't chicken wings, they were chicken rings. I had originally wanted chicken nuggets, but when I ordered nuggets at Arctic Circle, the pimply voice on the other end of the intercom said "Chicken Rings?" Frankly I was a little speechless. I still don't know how I should have responded to that question. Really? Rings? That was your clever little plan? Richard said what he liked best about them was how easy they were to stack. He got 6 one on top of another, and no sign that they were going over any time soon. Stackability is apparently a very important feature in processed meats. Unfortunately, they really weren't very good, but my Rootbeer Freeze was awesome.
Last night for lack of a snack I ate a dill pickle and some whipped cream. Not together, obviously, but one after another, like courses in a fancy restaurant. So, yeah, my diet is going pretty good.