Perfectly Acceptable

May 24, 2020

The very best thing that has come from being trapped in this house with the same 3 looneys for the last two and a half months is that they all agreed that it was time they started helping out with dinner. 

Monday Richard cooks, Tuesday Colin cooks, and Wednesday Harrison cooks. Yes, they need lots of help, but I am determined to teach them and one day they'll be doing it on their own. 

Not only are Mondays now my favorite day, but our dinner menu has now expanded in new and exciting ways. 

Here are the Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwiches Richard made. 

Hot dang, they were good. It occurs to me now that I should share the recipe with you. Let me see if I can find it. 

Moving on. Colin made pizza. This one was half cheese, half Italian sausage. 

It was super good but the leftovers were only so so. Delicious leftovers is important to me. And maybe next time I'd like to try a thinner crust, cuz this one got pretty puffy. 

Harrison made Hamburger stuffed French Bread. 

Here is Colin demonstrating how big his piece is.

Colin's head is a very standard unit of measurement.

So, uh, yeah. Food. Food is the best thing going on in my life right now. How about you?