Oct 17, 2016

Guess what?  My kitchen is done.  They finished it, and I didn't even tell you.  How dare I?  I have a good reason though.  We had to be done with the house by the end of September so the bank could finalize the loan, and so even though all I wanted to do once the kitchen was done was tell you good people about it, there were a few other odds and ends that had to be finished before the inspector came.   So we worked real hard and finished them and the inspector came and said, "Great.  Now just do a few more things and you will be done."

He was pickier than we expected.  They extended the loan for ANOTHER month (for a fee, of course) so we are finishing just a few MORE things and then, just maybe, we will really and truly be done.  I hope we can make it.

Anyhoo, the kitchen.  It is time to see it.  I hope you are ready, because I don't see any point in stalling any more than I already have.

And here it is!  The Finished Kitchen!


Yea!  Lets take a closer look at a few things, shall we?

The cabinet over the fridge:


It is where I keep my cake pans and cookie sheets.  Hooray!  I love having a spot for them.  There is even a shelf above them, though it is too tall to use regularly, so I don't know what we'll keep up there.


The range hood over the stove.


I love it.  I shouldn't love a hood so much, but I do.  And I couldn't have gotten that with Ikea cabinets, so that is at least 1 point in favor of custom cabinets.

Next we have the spice drawers.  Fun!


Right across from the stove lies the microwave, and look what the builder did!  He put a frame up around it!


Over here is the sink with open shelving above and the dishwasher to the right.  There is no kick plate under the dishwasher.  Because the one that came with it is black.  I guess I should just paint it, but probably I will forget for a couple years unless the inspector wants us to do it.


I put a bunch of pottery and brick-a-brack up on the shelving over the sink, cuz I don't have any where else to put them and I don't know what to put up there.

Next you will see my desk.  Guess what we forgot to have the countertop guy do?  Drill a hole in the desk top so all the cables could go through it.  A small thing, but a bit of an annoyance.


See how a little peice of trim under my desk isn't painted? And there is just a hole in the wall where the internet jack is supposed to be? It is things like that the the inspector says we have to finish.

And there you have it!  Everything in my life hasn't magically fallen into place, my problems haven't all gone away and my morning breath is still horrific, but my kitchen is done, and that is pretty ok.