Apr 23, 2016

Here is the latest in the Wonderful World of Kitchens and What-not!


Is it weird that every time I look at that picture I'm not really sure if it is my hand holding the faucet, or if it is Richards?


That is right folks!  We have a sink!  I was so excited the first thing I did was fill it up with dirty dishes!  I have never been so happy to wash dishes in my life.  


It was a good thing we got the sink working because Richard also hooked up the oven.  Behold, the maiden voyage of our new oven!


I tried to get pictures as soon as they came out of the oven, but some vacuum faces sucked some up before I got a chance.

Wanna take a guess whether my new counter tops are clean or not?


Of course not.  I guess maybe I should have taken a better picture of the stove at this point, but all I was really thinking about were the cookies.

Oh, but that is not all.  More sinks!


No more washing our hands in the bathtub for us!  There is now a sink, and a hook to hang a hand towel on and a medicine cabinet/mirror.  It is so fancy.

All of this happened last Saturday, and I was too busy washing dishes and baking to tell you about it.  And then today Richard did this:


Which is a sink on the island.  I don't know why I didn't zoom out a little so you could actually see some more of the kitchen.  Forgive me.  And we'll talk to you later.  Peace!