Nov 19, 2015

Here's the scuttlebutt!

That is my new nickname for Colin.  It suits him. 

There were a whole bunch of guys at our house today, running around, putting tape and mud on stuff. Like this:

I guess the pros don't use drywall mud straight out of a bucket like the rest of us.  They mix it with water first in an orange bucket using a silver doohickey.  Neat!

I can only guess what they were thinking of me, as I walked through the house every couple of hours, grinning at everyone, and taking pictures of them.  But how could I resist?  One of them was on stilts!  I was so excited.

They will probably be done with the the drywall and mudding by Thanksgiving. (including texturing the walls.  Which is the drywallers job, not the painters job, FYI.)

Some other workers spent the day outside working on the soffit and fascia.  

Things are coming together!