Nov 25, 2015

Here is a Whole Bunch O' Pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This is the porch.  They only work on it when they aren't busy with something else, so it is going pretty slow.

Here is a picture of the downstairs hall.

Here is the ceiling.  Hypnotic, I know.

Fun story about the doors:  2 of them aren't the right size.  That is why they are still stacked up in the old living room.  

For almost a year now the front room, with the fireplace in it, has been stuffed to the gills with furniture.

 But that time had come to an end.  We had to get the stuff out, whether we had somewhere to put it or not.  So we rented ANOTHER container, parked it across the street, and moved everything into it. 

Actually we rented 2 more containers.  They didn't have a 20 foot container, so they gave me two 10 foot for the same price.  

Here is our existing front yard container, in case you forgot what it looked like.  We wouldn't want that.

 So now the front room is all cleaned out and ready for anything!

This is the Kitchen/Dining Room.

Below is a picture from inside Richard's office.

You may be thinking at this point that looking at pictures of drywall is SUPER BORING.  That feeling is perfectly normal.  

So what I forgot to say is that the drywallers are totally done.  But I guess we aren't quite ready for paint just yet.  Exhibit A:

The builder decided he would rather patch the plaster than tear it off and replace it with drywall.  But he has had a heck of a time finding the Structo-Lite for patching it. He finally tracked some down after much searching and I think he will get it next week.

The following is the upstairs hallway, looking toward the master bedroom.

And here is another bedroom.  The one we affectionately refer to as 3rd bedroom. 

It is the one with the loft in it.

And, finally, the master bedroom.

Whew!  What a thrill!

Here is how the fascia looks right now.

The idea is to imitate the original soffit and fascia, like you see in the following picture, and I think it looks great.

Yeah.  The details are impossible to see, but someday in the near future we will get that painted and it is going to look amazing.

Any questions?