May 9, 2015

No new progress to report. However, in the time since Lani the Builder left a week ago, it has not stopped raining. I'm concerned about all the new wood and sub floor they just laid but it is my original house that has me really concerned. With half a wall and part of the roof gone upstairs there is plenty of space for rain to run in. And water is getting EVERYWHERE.

Here is the 2nd Bedroom with part of it's roof gone.  There is a good chance the floor slopes to the left and that is why the water is running All The Way Across The Room.

This is the ceiling in the living room, which is right underneath the 2nd bedroom. It is covered in blisters full of water.  

Upstairs is one big puddle.

The addition downstairs looks surprisingly dry by comparison.

Someday maybe it will stop raining. I mean, come on, how much moisture do those crops really NEED anyway?