May 30, 2015

Lani the Builder is back!  I thought he wasn't going to work again until Monday, but we found this when we got to the house on Saturday.

Those are ceiling joists, in case you didn't know.  Which are pretty exciting, as lumber goes.

  So I'm sure the question on all your minds is, did Richard finish all of the plumbing and electrical work he had to do??

Nope!   And most of what he has done is under the floor, so there isn't even much to see.  But here is one picture of some of his pipework mastery.

And you will just have to guess for yourselves what is hidden beneath this cloth.  Terribly Mysterious.

Mostly I just act as a gopher and a helping hand, but I got to spend the day today nailing in outlet and light switch boxes.  Which was very fun, cuz it meant I got to DECIDE where they would go.  I'm always annoyed at light switch placement, and now the power lies with me to decide where the power lies.  Ha!

Lastly, we have this picture of the ceiling in my living room.

Richard was working on the drains and vents for the laundry room, and cut a small hole in the ceiling drywall to get access to it, and the rest of the drywall was so wet and rotted from all the rain that it just fell out.  Fun.  Until next time!