13 Reasons I Love My Husband

May 31, 2015

Today is my wedding anniversary.  13 years.  13 long, long years.  And even after all this time, I love my husband.  And I figured it was time I told my loyal readers why:

1. He doesn't like sports.  

This was one of the things I was looking for in a husband, and I never stop being happy that I found it.  

2. He can fix anything.

Every time he fixes something for me I wonder how people who don't have him around survive?  

3. He is always prepared.  

I am somewhat less so.  And honestly it makes me a little lazy, because I know with him around, I don't have to be.  I never carry a knife or a flashlight because I know he always has one.

4. He doesn't care that I don't know how to count.