Apr 28, 2015

Every time I stop by the house, I swear to myself that I absolutely will not take my kids back until all the walls on the 2nd floor are up so that they can't jump over the edge and fall to their deaths.  Which is what they seem to be determined to do.  They can't stay away from the edge, no matter how much I yell.  I'm not much afraid of heights, but watching my kids run around up there just about sends me into fits.   But every time I stop by, somehow I have at least one fearless child with me.  I hope my sanity holds out.

Anyhoo, progress is being made.  Most of the exterior walls are up. 

In this space will be 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a hallway.

And this is a view from my bedroom window to be.  

Ah.  Backyard filled with crap.  So magical.