A Bedding Investment

May 3, 2014

The other day, while we were out Christmas shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond, we found the Bedding Set of Our Dreams.  Richard said that he liked it and I was like, "Really?  I like it too!" And he was like, "No Way!  Really?"  And I was like "Really! We are the SAME PERSON!"

And as luck would have it, for some reason we have this money set aside on a debit card that can only be used at a few stores, and one of those is BB&B. So, with a total disregard for cost, we loaded up two carts (we need new pillows too) and went to the checkout to finalize our purchase.

But when the total rang up at $774.35 we laughed ourselves to tears.  Seriously.  We were crying.  Crying our poor little eyes out.  Do people really pay that much for bedding?

What we want is a combination of the following two bedding sets.  The Blue design for the main color, with gray chevron accents.

Oh wait, here is the picture we took in the store:

Bedding Set

But there ain't no way I am paying that much money for it. And gosh darn it, I can sew.  If I can't use my sewing skills to make myself some affordable bedding, what good are they?

So, lets break it down.

We got three Euro pillow inserts since ours is a king size bed.  They were $19.99 a piece.  I looked on Amazon and I couldn't find any for much cheaper than that, but I might see if they can retroactively apply a 20% off coupon.  We also bought two new standard sized pillows because ours are crazy old.  They were $9.99 a piece.  They are nothing special.  They may or may not get the ax.  Stay tuned.  So $79.95 for pillow inserts.

The accent pillows were $209.95.  There were 5 of them.  2 were embroidered and I don't embroider and don't feel like learning, so I might keep those, but I can definitely make the other 3.  Not that I need 5 accent pillows on my bed.  Pillows on a bed can get a little out of control sometimes and I don't mind saying it.

The Shams were $179.95.  Almost two hundred dollars for pillow cases.  It is hilarious.  Really.

We bought two duvet colors, one in the blue, and one in the gray.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  But at $129.99 a piece that makes $259.98 for duvet covers.

+49.99 tax

That is not the same amount I got at the beginning of this post.  Which just goes to show how tricky math can be.  Especially when it comes to bedclothes.  Beware.