No news is good news, so Here is the news

Feb 9, 2014

I read in the Ensign a couple of months ago something that I can't quote, but the gist of which was this: You get a lot farther with your own problems if your spend time taking care of someone else's.

It stuck with me, because my frame of mind is usually, "I have my own life to deal with, I don't have time to help anyone else." Which is a pretty sad outlook, really.  It is hard to STOP feeling that way though.  But when someone needed some help packing up boxes today, and someone else offered to watch my kids for an hour, I knew this was my chance.  So I went and helped.  Really no big deal stuff.  wrapping glass in newspaper and putting it in boxes.  It was an enjoyable morning, getting to know a couple of ladies a little better.

Then I picked up my kids and came home to get Harrison ready for school.  And guess what?  I got an email from the architect with the plans attached including the final changes we have been waiting for.

Are the 2 things related?  Absolutely they are.  Does that mean that every time I go out and lend a hand to my neighbor I will come home to find my problems fixed?  Of course not!  But it turns out that sitting at home and cursing people and stress eating and chewing on pens wasn't doing me any good.

And since I've spent the day trying to figure out how to help this women get the rest of her stuff moved quickly, I've had less energy to spend stressing out about my house and the things I have no control over. Go Figure.

Now, as far as the house plans go, we still have to wait for the architect to finish them up.  Do all the elevations and stuff that we are paying him crap-loads of money for.  I don't know how long this will take.  Probably a month, if history has taught me anything.  Will I be able to let it go and just go out and serve everyone with nary a thought for myself.  Ha, unlikely.  But maybe I'll be just a little more willing to help next time someone asks, and that ain't bad.