The Non-Update

Jan 29, 2014

Now it is January 29th.  It has been two weeks since my last post.  And our contractor did meet with the architect and he made all the changes we needed him to make and then we decided to make ONE more change.  I know we should have just left well enough alone, but we didn't. So now it has been 2 weeks with me calling people every day to see if the change is possible and if they will draw it up for me and leaving messages and sending emails.  I think the stress of never getting anywhere is getting to me.  I hope I can hold it together a little longer and I REALLY hope my sanity returns when the house is done.

There is an unexpected twist though: All our loan paperwork is going to expire.  Did you know that could happen?  I didn't.  But this is all taking so long that that is exactly what is going to happen.  We'll have to give the bank updated everything and in another month they'll have to do a whole nuther appraisal.

Even though nothing ever seems to happen, I know that each day that passes brings us one day closer to what "might" "possibly" be a new kitchen.  And I think my kitchen knows it.  And it does not intend to go quietly.  Besides our malfunctioning kitchen faucet (as seen here) things have started breaking on almost a weekly basis.  Cabinet doors are hanging off their hinges, drawers are coming off their tracks, their fronts are falling off and bottoms falling out.  The butter knives have started sliding right out of their drawer every time my back is turned.  The handle on the microwave has busted halfway off, the tiles on my floor are cracking, breaking, coming loose and sliding out of place and my high-tech garbage can, which has a step-open lid with a lock on it, has taken to jumping right off the can whenever I step on the peddle. And SOMETHING is up with my fridge.  The freezer door barely stays closed anymore and pops open every single time you close the fridge.  I've come down in the morning sometimes to find the freezer door standing wide open.  And in a turn of events I can only assume is related, it is now having additional problems.  There is a solid sheet of ice on the bottom that is getting thicker and thicker by the day.  I cleaned it out once, just to find it was back in force the next day.  And every time we open the freezer now, a big puddle of water ends up in front of it.  I'm not sure how to call a repair man and tell him my freezer has continence problems.

Doesn't this stupid kitchen know that if it wasn't giving me such a hard time I wouldn't be as anxious to get rid of it?  It's like a kid before bed time.  If only they would be quiet for a few minutes, I might just forget they are even awake, but they just do not know how to shut up.

HOWEVER, as anxious as I am to tear this Kitchen to the ground, I am also afraid.  Afraid of Finishing.

1.  My children are the Great Destroyers.  They are the reason we can't have anything nice.  What if the second I get my new cabinets put in they color all over them with permanent marker?

2. I blame everything on this house.  Every sadness, every disappointment  every bad day.  And while, yes, this house frustrates me to no end, when it is done, I'm still going to have bad days.  What will I blame it on then?

3.  What if I am bored?  This house has been our every Saturday, every spare dollar, every summer vacation for 10 years.  I'm not sure I'll know what to do with myself without it to work on.

So that's what is going on with me.  Okay.  Enough whining.  Time to go make dinner.  Peace Out!