April 4th

Apr 4, 2013

Today, while playing a little Pre-Bedtime Hide-and-Seek, it was Colin and my turn to count and Colin counted to 7, by himself.  I was like "What? Colin! You're Counting!" (I'm so eloquent sometimes).  But here was the beautiful part.  Colin's "F" sounds like "ps" for some reason (Superman psies, he wears shoes on his pseet, he eats with a psork, etc.) so his counting was like this: "One, Two, Bee, Psore, Psibe, Psis, Pseben  (cuz one he started making the "ps" sound, why stop?)."

Such a cute little smarty.

Also, I started potty training him this week.  He peed in his potty about 20 times today.  Just a tiny little dribble everytime.  I feel like I spent my whole day in the bathroom.  Which, as you know, is my favorite place to be.

Colin - May 2013