Halloween 2012

November 07, 2012

This year we had 2 Batmen.  One just wasn't going to be enough for our crime fighting needs.

Colin has been telling me he was batman for months.  Harrison changed his mind about what he wanted to be nearly every day.

For a while Harrison was pretty determined to be Captain America, but eventually he settled on Batman, which I was glad for, cuz Captain America would have been so much harder to make.  

Don't listen to what the naysayers tell you.  Two Batmen are better than one!



November 05, 2012

Harrison's usual prayer is: "Thank you for bless Mommy and Daddy and Harrison and Colin.  Name of Jesus Christ, Amen."  He always wants to say it because he knows if he does it will be a short one.  So we encourage him to think about what he is going to say and add some more things from time to time.  Sometimes he does.  Sometimes he doesn't.

The other night his prayer was more like this, "Thank you for bless Mommy, and thank you for bless Daddy, and thank you for bless Harrison and thank you for bless Colin.  And thank you I saying this great prayer."

So clearly we are getting through to him.

Senor Harrison!


More Knock Knock Jokes

November 01, 2012

Here is the current knock knock joke:

H: Knock Knock
C:  Who dere?
H: Nana poo poo
C: Nana poo poo who?
H: Nana poo poo batman!
C: Nana poo poo batman who?
H: Nana poo poo batman that silly!

Today Colin was telling me this one:

C: Knock knock
Me:Who's There?
C: Nana (I don't know why they all start with Nana, but they do.)
Me: Nana Who?
C: Nana Mommy (or Daddy, or Train.)

which he thought was hilarious.