Boys In The Chair

Sep 3, 2012

The other day Harrison came downstairs and said, "I have a surprise for you!"
I said, "Oh no."
He said "It a good surprise.  You wanna see?"
I said, "Yes", cuz I'm nice like that, and followed him upstairs.

And sitting at the little table in his bedroom was a pair of his pajama pants stuffed with every article of clothing he owns.  He named it Pantsy.

Pantsy, oddly enough, doesn't show up on film (just like witches and vampires), which is why I have no pictures of him.

And this morning while eating breakfast, Harrison actually said to his muffin "Come to Papa."  Man, that kid is awesome.

Colin has just started putting words together.  He is not really making sentences.  It is more like each word is its own sentence, like, "Daddy.  Home."   After a full day of working on the house, Richard and I were sitting around in our dust and Colin tried brushing some of the dust off his Daddy and said "Mess."  Richard said to him, "You're a mess!"  and Colin replied, "Mommy!  Mess!"     Only two years old and already pulling out the trash talk.  I'm so proud.