Lagoon 2012

Aug 24, 2012

Since Harrison starts school on Tuesday, we wanted to have one last Hurrah for the summer so we spent Friday at Lagoon.  Some people might not think Lagoon counts as a "Hurrah", but we are simple folk.

Richard and I tried several times to take a GOOD picture of the 2 of us together, but this was the closest we could manage.

We spent a lot of time at Lagoon-A-Beach, which Colin loved.  He could happily go down water slides all day long.  Harrison preferred the Lazy River.

Later Harrison got attacked by a snake!

Colin was too little to go on Rattlesnake Rapids, so he and I just had to wait for Daddy and Harrison.  You can see how Colin felt about that.

Harrison doesn't like to go on things that go up high, so Colin rode the Helicopters alone.

But the train was fun for all!

We went camping that night with my sister and her family, and the next day went to the Brigham City Temple Openhouse.  It was a pretty great little vacation!