Fun in a Tree

Aug 23, 2012

Harrison is playing with some chess peices in the other room.  The chess pieces are having this conversation:
"But, Boss..."
"I"m not your boss!"

If someone is coughing because they drank too fast and their juice went down the wrong pipe, Colin is always the first to lend a hand and pat them on the back.  He's also quick to pat a person on the back if they sneeze or clear their throat too loud.  The problem is he is just so short, so if I am standing up when I cough or sneeze, he'll just come up and pat me on the bum, cuz that is as high as he can reach.  If HE is coughing, he expects someone to pat his back, but if they don't, he'll reach his little hand around and pat himself.

Fun in a Tree!