5 confessions - Just like Misty

February 02, 2012

1. You know how you don't let your kids eat off the floor?  When you are in public?  But how sometimes at home, you just don't care?  Heck, if I never let my kids eat off the floor, what would they eat?    Breakfast is usually a bowl of dry cereal, no milk, on the kitchen floor, huddled around the heater vent.  Cuz that is where my kids eat, no matter what I say.  And in about 23 seconds the cereal has been dumped on the floor and they are happily eating their apple jacks right off the linoleum like that is the way that breakfast is supposed to be.  We call it Floorkfest.

2. I can tell I'm getting old because I can no longer keep track of all the places thick black hairs grow out of on my face.

3. Today I didn't feel like making dinner.  So I made cookies instead and we had pizza for dinner.   Yeah.  My kids are in trouble.

4.  I prefer imitation vanilla extract.  The real stuff is so expensive.  And the bottle is so small.  I have had a giant bottle of imitation vanilla for about 10 years now and it is only half empty.  I'm probably going to be able to leave it to my children when I die.  THAT is spending wisely.   So all you vanilla snobs can go suck on a lemon.

5.  I use exclamation marks that I don't mean.  Mostly when I write emails!  I am never as enthusiastic about stuff as I sound based on my punctuation, but ,especially if I am writing to someone I don't know, I feel like my email seems too grumpy without an exlamation mark or two thrown in.  They don't know me, so they have no way of guessing my tone and adding an exclamation mark seems to make it more cheerful.  It is like adding a smile!    But, I always kind of feel like I am lying!  Cuz I'm not THAT cheerful.  I wish there was something in between a period and an exclamation mark.  Maybe I just need to use more cheerful language.  Maybe throw a "giggles" or a "sunshine" into my sentences here and there.  I'll let you know how it goes.

And here is some advice for you: (in no way should this be considered a confession of any sort).  Don't pick your nose while driving through your ward boundaries.  Again, advice, not a confession.  Just to be clear.

Thanks!  It is good to get all that out in the open.  Now it is your turn.  Go Confess to Something!

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  1. Sometimes I feel like I have to use exclamation marks when I don't mean them, as well. But I prefer using those over smiley faces. I rarely will put one of those in and how else can I get across to the reader that I'm not a grumpy, dull person?

  2. Your confessions are so much better than mine! Carma told me she feels like she's reading an email from a cheerleader becaue of all the exclamation marks I use. Our breakfast routine sounds exactly like yours. It's great when Melia finds a stray fruit loop days and days later and starts munching away. I'm the best mom ever!

  3. I know the real vanilla tastes better, but I don't think the fake stuff tastes bad.

  4. I use smiley faces. And sometimes exclamation marks. Because I like people to see my "look at me, I'm so nice and sweet. teehee" side. Even though that side rarely exists outside of email and the occasional blog comment!!! :) :) :)


  5. You're telling vanilla snobs to suck a lemon? Maybe it ought to be a vanilla bean instead. (I'm a vanilla snob but I kinda have to be.) And my kids used to eat stuff off the floor all the time but now they have to get to it faster than the dog does.

  6. Oh, you make me laugh!!! You are so awesome. I LOVE these confessions. I might as well ditto all of them.

  7. I think most of us are guilty of using punctuation we don't mean. My confession? The true color of my hair. It's gray, almost 50%. I dye it so much no one can tell, but that is more gray than any 33 year old should have. And that's how I can tell I'm getting old (aside from the stray whiskers that is.)