Just Stuff

Jan 30, 2012

Colin is now 19 months old and is the biggest copy cat in the whole wide world.  He loves Harrison and follows him everywhere and tries to do EVERYTHING that Harrison does.

He's quite a little talker too.  He just started saying "Mommy" in the last couple of days, which is so fun.  He also says Apple, dog, duck, bear, shoes, broccoli, Daddy, puppy, me, baby, beans, cheese, cookie, sucker, candy, eyes and that is all I can think of right now.  Just a minute ago he came and showed me a sock.  He said, "Sock.  Sock." and when I didn't respond appropriately, he said, "Mommy. Sock." 

This morning he kept suddenly shouting "Go!" and then he would go running off through the house.  The three men of the house ran LOTS of races this morning.  Earlier today I told him "Uh oh!  You're Poopie.  Go change your diaper."  He went and got a diaper, brought it to me and laid down.  He's so awesome!  Now I just need to train him to bring me the wipes too, and we'll be set.  

 Harrison is a goofball.

He changes his clothes about 20 times a day.  Lately it has been pajamas.  He is wearing a different pair every time I look at him.  And today he is wearing Colin's clothes.  They are way too short, but he can still get them on.  Even the pants.  Buttoned up and everything.  That is one skinny little bum.   He loves to wear his church clothes and starts asking if he can put them on as soon as he wakes up Sunday morning.  With church starting at 1:00 pm, that is a pretty long wait.

He loves to go to school and he is always singing some new song he has learned.    He and I put together a puzzle today, and he is so good at it.   Uh oh, he just ran past me totally naked.  I probably better go see about that.  Bye!