4 Months!

Oct 18, 2010

That's right.  Our little cutie is now 4 whole months old.

I love this age.  Every day, impossibly, he gets cuter.  And everyday he drools more.  He is a drooling machine.  And he wants to suck and chew on everything.  Except a binkie. He will suck on my arm until I get a hickey, but I cannot get him to take a pacifier.

He is drinking 5 ounces at a time, and he will laugh if you blow in his face or tickle his neck.  He is just starting to reach for things (which is tricky business!  like trying to play the piano with the chopsticks tapes onto your toes.) mostly our faces, and is going to start rolling over any day now.  He is so close.  And he finally has enough control over his hands to get them to his mouth when he wants them, so now he can suck on the first two fingers of his left hand anytime he wants.

I got me some mad photography skills.  I love that face!  I love to kiss his soft cheeks and can't stop hugging his squishy little body.