Aug 27, 2010


Ah crap.  How have two weeks passed since I last posted?

Oh, right.  Potty training.  I am stuck in some sort of potty training vortex, where time seems to stand still and all I do is clean up pee, clean up poo, feed and put Colin to sleep, and wash underwear.  I really think Harrison has it figured out.  Which is great cuz I was worried there for a while.  I knew he had the capacity, but wasn't sure he would ever have the desire.   But he finally started doing it and now when he jumps up from what he is doing to run into the bathroom and climb up on the toilet my stomach does little flips.  He is so smart!  He is really doing it! But then sometimes he still doesn't want to.  We'll go from maybe one accident a day, to a day when he just doesn't even try anymore and I am lucky if he will step into the shower before wetting his pants. Not to mention the poop.  But that is a whole nuther beast, a stinky, ugly, obnoxious beast that I am trying not to expect anything of yet.  It occurs to me that when Harrison is thirteen he is going to freak out that I posted this online for all the world to see.   Ha.  Consider this payment for all the crap you have put me through.  Literally.  Anyhoo, so we hang out at home as much as possible, and I walk around with a bottle of cleaning spray in one hand, and Colin in the other.  This is our life.

Harrison starts school in a couple of weeks and he is excited and I am excited.  It will be great to have a little one on one time with Colin.  And great for Harrison to get out and DO something after this potty imprisonment we have foisted upon ourselves.  Last time we left the house was to go to Home Depot.   As soon as we pulled up I realized that I couldn't push around a cart full of boy and carseat and still manage to get the lumber I needed.  I said "Oh, I'm not very smart." and Harrison said, "No Mommy, you're smart."  Which was pretty darn sweet.  Later he said "I like my Colin." which was really, really sweet, since he has mostly just ignored him up till recently.

Ok.  I have rambled enough. I probably have some kind of picture I can post, hopefully one where Harrison is wearing pants, though I can't promise you.  Hang on.......

Oh, here is one!  I haven't taken many pictures lately, but I did catch this beauty:  We put Colin down in Harrison's bed and tucked him in and Harrison thought it was SO Funny!  This was probably when he started thinking that Colin was ok after all.

Aug 14, 2010

2 Months!

Colin is 2 months old  as of yesterday.  Which is a big fat deal!  According to my measuring devices he is  11.2 pounds and 23 inches long.

There is is.  Stoic.  Serious.  Reserved.  With an adorable little double chin.  This is the face we see most often.  Ok, that's not quite true, we see the frowny face a lot too, but even though it is the cutest frowny face ever, we don't have any pictures of it.  Taking a picture of a crying baby is like stopping to take a picture before you pull a drowning lady from a river.  It is considered rude.  Just ask the drowner if they aren't inconvenienced by your photography.

ANYHOO, so he likes to be held standing in your lap all day long, his eyelashes still haven't stopped growing and are long and curly, and he has finally started smiling.  He technically started smiling a couple of weeks ago, but they were rare: no more than once a day, if conditions were just right.  But today he just kept smiling.  Almost any time I smiled at him he would smile back.  Ack!  It is so cute!

I try to get Harrison to help make him smile, but he just gets all shy, giggles and runs away.

Hooray for our boy!

Incidentally, when Harrison turned two months old he was 11 pounds, 3 ounces and 23 inches long.  I never, ever would have guessed that they were the same size.  Crazy!

Aug 4, 2010

And August Begins

On Monday was the Annual Company party for Richard's work.  We went to a park and had a nice lunch and hung out and played games.  After the festivities most people headed to the zoo.  We decided to save the zoo for some nice cool morning when we might actually get to see some animals, so instead we went down to the nearby stream.  Streams are no end of fun, just ask a 3 year old.  Colin and I hung out by the water

while Richard and Harrison climbed among the rocks and trees

THEN we went to feed the ducks.  

but, yeah, those are geese.  Which made me a little nervous, cuz I know geese'll bite you if they feel like it.  We threw them our leftover hamburger buns anyway and they ate every bite.  We kept trying to throw them further and further into the pond to try to draw the geese away from us, but they weren't about to leave. 

Then Harrison decided he was still hungry and ate the rest of the bread.  That is when the birds started plotting revenge.

And then, surprise!  We took another picture.  Bet you didn't see that coming!