One Month Old

Jul 13, 2010

Time is weird and, as is often the case, it both feels like Colin JUST got here, and like he has been here forever. That is why it is so nice to have calendars. Relying on memories to keep track of time would be madness! I know that he is just one month old because my calendar tells me so, and I believe it.   I have to.  The last month has passed in a blur and the only proof I have that time is passing at all is how fat Colin is getting.  Everyone still says he looks so tiny, but to me he looks huge.  He is getting so cute and chubby!

So here are the stats:

Height:   21 inches

Weight:  9.8 lbs

Can that possibly be right?  That's what our scale here at home says.  So it could totally be wrong, but I weighed him the morning of his doctors appt and I got the same weight they did, so maybe it is right?  He does seem a lot bigger to me, so maybe he really is.

I figured we were probably due to let Colin spend a little time on his tummy.  I fully expected him to object loudly.  Instead he fell asleep.

Harrison always wants in on the action when I am taking pictures of Colin, and the number one thing on his mind is making sure everyone has been properly introduced to Woody.

Once we were all on a first name basis I asked him to lay next to Colin so I could take a picture of them together.  He is so obliging!

but that is not exactly what I had in mind.

On Monday Colin broke out in a horrible case of baby acne.  So sad.  The other babies wouldn't stop teasing him.  But it is already clearing up.  Yea!
Colin still loves his bath:

Which is good because he also loves to eat.  He drinks so fast that half the liquid runs out his mouth, down his chin and puddles up inside all his little neck wrinkles.  Yum.  And his favorite activity by far?

Making cute faces while he sleeps.  He loves it!  He would marry it if he could!