Babies Are Boring

Jul 15, 2010

They get born and come into this big ol' exciting world, and what is the first thing they do?

You put them in the car, and

You get them dressed for church, and

You can poke them in the foot,

strip them down naked,

or kiss them in the face,

but they'll sleep through it all.
On this couch,

in the bath

on  a lap

or a shoulder

You name it, they can sleep through it, on it or over it.  Seriously, wake up already!  What are the rest of us supposed to do while you are asleep?  Clean the house?  Cook dinner?  Pay the bills?  Sleep ourselves???  Don't be ridiculous!  It is high time you did your share!  I demand payment for services rendered.  I only accept smiles as payment, so I would get working on that.