Baby Tie on a Onesie

Jul 3, 2010

I somehow found myself with freetime on Saturday, and definitely should have used it to prepare my Sunday School lesson, or at least do some cleaning, but instead I made this:

It was so easy now I am wondering what else I can make. Richard says I should do a batman onesie next.  Cuz every little boy needs a batman shirt right?  

The only question is:   Was this Necktie onesie as cute ON as it looked on the rack?
The answer is:


Very, very cute.

I especially like him with the pants on.  It makes him look like a little old man.  

And here we have Harrison and Colin discussing the social implications of Toy Story, and whether Woody is still as effective a sheriff without his hat.  

As soon as Harrison realized I was taking pictures he ran for it.