Sugar is my drug of choice

Mar 10, 2010

Since I had to go and announce to the world that I was was off sugar, I guess it is only fair that I inform you that I am back on again. That is right. I quit. Cuz it was a super sucky day, and it was either eat something delicious and sweet or run away, and I KNOW I would regret that tomorrow.

So I made myself a batch of snickerdoodles,

(I took the recipe from Domestication in Progress and added 1/4 tsp cream of tartar). and enjoyed every single bite. I could only eat three cookies, but I'm not sorry at all. I was sad and sugar made me feel better and I can accept that.

For a while there I was thinking "Wow! I'm sure not a quitter!!" Which was a nice thing to think and all, but it turns out that I am. And I am ok with it. Sometimes I think not quitting is just a little over rated anyway. For instance:

Have you seen this billboard?

Do I really want to stick with things at the cost of my limbs? Sure, some things are worth any cost, like my family, the gospel, good stuff like that. But if sharks keep biting bits of you off whenever you go to the beach, maybe you should start swimming at the pool. It's not like you are going to teach those sharks a lesson by surfing with one leg. They don't care. If your current activity is detrimental to your remaining limbs, it might be time to take up a new hobby. That's all I'm sayin.