Because it is almost my Birthday.

March 25, 2010

So my three year old has robots in his bedroom. On purpose. I put them there. They aren't invading or anything. But really, the room is kinda bare, and I don't know what to do about it. I suppose I could hang stuff on the walls, but that just seems a little TOO easy, don't you think?

Richard keeps talking about making him a very cool, rather large bed that will look neat and fill up lots of space, but I honestly don't know when that will happen. Today I saw these Kids Beds at and now I am all covety. They have some very cool beds! I think my favorite is this one.
If it was different fabric. Because there is no way my kid is having a camouflage bed. But what better way to start your day then scootin' down the slide in your jammies? It would almost make up for waking up in that awful pastel room. But seriously, with free shipping it might be better to just buy a bed than waiting until never for one to get built. Only joking husband dear! I know you'll do it when the timing is right!

And now I know what you are all thinking. I am clairvoyant, and it is pretty great. Except sometimes it sucks. But I know what these beds have got you thinking: When is Elesa Going to Do A Giveaway? And will she give away one of those swell beds? This thought has plagued your waking hours, and haunted your dreams. It isn't fair to you for me to keep you in suspense any longer. The answers are NOW and NO. Sorry. No one is going to give you a free bed. That is not the world we live in.

But I am giving away this. Monster Bowling, by Melissa and Doug. Why couldn't I have had nightmares about these guys when I was a kid? If you win, these crazy cute monsters are yours. It is that simple. Registering is somewhat more complicated however.

Here is what you gotta do to register: You must build a tower of books in your living room that reach as high as your desire to win is. Take several pictures. Compile those pictures into a slideshow set to your favorite Beach Boys song and post the video on YouTube. Once your video reaches 1000 views, write a letter to your mom and ask her to register for you. Easy as that.

OR, you can just leave a comment. Just say something like "Sign me up, Matey!" I guess I will accept that too. But the book thing would be cooler.

So, I don't know, you can tell your friends if you want to. I wouldn't if it was me, cuz it just decreases my chances of winning. (Ha. The first time I wrote that sentance it said "degreases your chance of winning.") But, since this all about advertising, I suppose it behooves us to spread the word. It also behooves us to use the word behoove at every opportunity. I guess if you mention the giveaway in a post on your blog then you can be entered again. Just comment again to tell me you did so. But you really have to ask yourself if it is worth it.

Giveaway Ends April 1st at noon. And just because you may not have children doesn't mean you shouldn't enter. Look at those monsters? Wouldn't you love to spend an evening throwing things at them?

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  1. Cool! A giveaway...sign me up. And those beds are awesome! I think Harrison needs one.

  2. I know I don't have little ones...well, that little, but sign me up. I would love to throw things at those cute monsters.

  3. I wish they made king-size beds like that! Can you picture it? His and hers slides. And while we're at it, why not incorporate the whole Swiss Family Robinson things going and have rope ladders and vines to swing on. Oh, imaginary room is AWESOME!

    PS I want to be entered in the giveaway because a)I like free things (I'm cheap like that) and b)Someday I'll have a baby who will want to throw things at the monsters...or just chew on 'em. But I promise they'll get used.

  4. I too would love to slide out of bed every morning. It might make mornings bearable for a night owl like me. After Richard makes Harrison's bed, you should have him start a grown-up line. Jamie and I would be your first customers, and then everyone would want to be like us and before you know it, you would be a millionaire.

    Oh, and sign me up, Matey!

    I would do the book thing, but I've got a trip to plan for and I've already spent my allotted internet time reading your post. Next time, though, for realsies.

  5. I think Harrison's room is awesome just the way it is...but that bed is extra awesome.

  6. Count me in! I will wait for the winner to be announced anxiously, with my fingers crossed that it will be me. :)

  7. I loath commenting, but I am a sucker for a prize!

  8. I had something so very clever to say, but someone was talking and so now I have forgotten. Oh.... I remember now.... shouldn't you get stuff for your birthday instead of giving it away?? wow, not very clever at all. So I'd really like to know the clever method you are using to select a winner. Does posting your blog on my facebook page count as promoting? 'Cause the 7 people who read my blog already read yours.

  9. I would like to win those Monsters, if they are like Weebles and wobble when hit, but not fall down, 'cuz without a machine (like at the bowling alley) to stand them up again, then I am just too lazy!
    Love your blog though!

  10. Sign me up Matey! They really are cute.

  11. P.S. I don't know how to get YouTube to come to my house to film the 2 minutes and 16 seconds of bliss that is "Fun Fun Fun." Any suggestions?

  12. I use "behooves" a lot more than I should, I think. So there's your argument against it.

    Now sign me up. Fricking.

  13. Ugh, my pile of books fell over on top of me before I could make the video. So how about just a comment? Happy Birthday by the way!