My Bag Runneth Over

Sep 2, 2009

I decided that today felt like a good day to take a break from "Eureka" and do me a little writing. But only a little. I have a lot of "Eureka" episodes to watch, and I know where my priorities are.

So I been needin' me a new temple bag. (a.k.a. the bag I hold my items in when I attend The Temple.) The old one was too small. Cute, but failing in its most basic function, which is to hold my stuff. I have been putting off finding a new bag because I just didn't feel like it. Besides that I already have tons of bags. More bags than my husband has watches, which is really saying something. Why should I go pay money for a bag when I have a plethora taking over my closet as it is?

So the other day I pulled out every unused bag I could find so that I could choose one to be my new temple bag, and wouldn't you know, they are ALL too small! Who'da thunk? I was as shocked as I know you are at this point, but still not wanting to spend any real money to get a new one, I took a trip to D.I. And, as usual, I found just what I was looking for.

Not bad for $1.50, I say. My loot all fits inside and it zips up and everything. And it doesn't smell like poo at all.

I was pleased with my find, and figured while I was there, maybe I should get a new temple bag for Richard too. He is always complaining that his is covered with axle grease, or carburator juice or something like that, and wouldn't I just be the most thoughtful wife if I brought him home a new bag too?

Well, I am good at finding things, diamonds-in-the-rough are my specialty and I found just the thing for Richard's new temple bag!

Imagine my surprise when Richard said he didn't want it. I think his actual words were "Get that plastic thing away from me." I swear, I was never so shocked in my life. Where is the love?