Jean Therapy

Sep 14, 2009

Today I took a little trip to Buckle, in the mall. I need new jeans. In a bad way. And Buckle has always been there for me when I've needed jeans in the past. I like their jeans, but what I like BEST is that they carry jeans in multiple lengths, so I can get jeans as long as my heart desires. Jeans that go all the way to the floor. Jeans that go past my feet. Jeans that don't quit, if I feel like it.

So I went to Buckle, and grabbed about 10 pair of jeans to try on and went into a dressing room. I had a 2 year old with me, of course. Why would I want to go shopping without one? While I tried on pants, Harrison alternated between opening the door right when I had my drawers around my ankles, or hanging from the railing in the room and screaming "MA!!" as loudly as he could. Good times.

But unfortunately, I didn't find a single pair of jeans I liked! And I'm afraid that the reason is that I am too old to shop at Buckle anymore. I was sure I would find the perfect pair of jeans, but all the jeans had funky washes and very funky pockets. I am just too old to walk around with stars on my bum!

So when I got home I vented my frustration to Richard. Either I have aged more than I thought in the last couple of years, or jeans are just a lot more blinged-out than they used to be. I just need somewhere I can find nice jeans designed for a woman, in multiple lengths and sizes, but where can I go?

Richard's oh-so-helpful answer was: