Love: The International Language*

Jul 23, 2009

Ming Ming and Dimitri met one balmy Sunday on Facebook, love's playground. They speak two very different languages, but when 2 people find out they are BOTH fans of breathing, they won't let anything keep them apart. Here is Volume 1 of their story.

*A long distance, translingual romance, made possible by Babel Fish.

Expensive Ming Ming,

Hey. What's upward? It was so cold in order to have a talk with you to Skype another day. I'm you are sufficiently certain as my girl or something of dream. Your hair so of by the length. I love that. My last girl friend had actually short of hair and I was as "You must grow your out" hair; and it was as "It the doll of wig A.S. I do have no bulbs of hair on my head, I do recall?" So I was as "Whatever."

But since then I met you to Facebook my life is actually good. Thanks for to always be there for me and message me the images of your tomcat. But you must send by me the complete survey of body. That of what girl friend they make. And I want you to be my.

love, Dimitri

Most nice Dimitri,

The kindest greeting. Is your nice oneself vigorous in mind? I receiving your most recent agreement, was very delightful. However, I must correct one mistake. The image which I send the image which does not have my cat, but the sibling of my baby, was image of Li and was not. He is hairy very. But I still him dearly, enjoy the fact that of he is taken care. That is my obligation. I doing that, am very happy.

I inquiring about that is cool there am regrettable. The weather here is splendid very, feeling is good. I maintain my hair always. As for me it is not possible to cut that. My parent does not permit that.

The eulogy whose everything which you pay to me is splendid that you. I me am the girl simple, you that to my your note has many happiness in me. I laughed I hiding in my shoes, after recieving your photograph which is always put between many times. If I send that to me, entering in investigation, it is happy. I have enjoyed listening for the second time from you.

many love, Ming Ming