Jul 4, 2009

I sure hope that everyone who reads Pride and Prejudice based on my recommendation likes it. If you don't, then I suggest you read something like.......................................................... Hmm. I was going to suggest some really dumb book for you dummies who don't like Pride and Prejudice, but I can't think of one. Maybe because I don't read dumb books. Does that mean that a book is good because I read it? Yeah. I guess so.

The dumbest one I can think of is one I cannot remember the name of. About a girl who pretends to have amnesia and this weird old man says that she is his daughter and she goes along with it because I guess she doesn't want to break character and there is something about some valuable necklace and I don't know, but that girl was an idiot. I almost wish she had died in the end, just to teach her a lesson. And I know that at least one of you will be saying to yourself "Hey! That is my favorite book!" And for that I am sorry. To each his own.

So, I'm curious? What is the dumbest book you have ever read? A book you got to the end of and said to yourself "Why did I even finish that thing? Why did I devote any time to so much stupidness? Why? WHY?"