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June 03, 2009

The Princess Bride was on TV last night, so we watched it off and on. (That is how Richard likes to watch TV. AT LEAST 2 shows at once, if he can. Preferably more. I think he was watching about 4 different shows last night.) And it got me thinking. The last time I watched The Princess Bride was right after I bought it on DVD, around a year ago. But I still know all the lines. And I know. EVERYONE knows all the lines to Princess Bride, but I started wondering what other movies I have watched over and over through the years? Join me on this thrilling journey into my past!

The Great Race: One of the movies we always used to watch as kids. Heh heh, I loved the pie fight. We tried having our own pie fight once, but it didn't really go over that well. Turns out 12 year old boys tend to freak out if they get whipped cream in their eyes.

What's Up Doc: It's not even a black and white movie. I don't know why this picture is.

Anne of Green Gables: the TV recording we had was from one of those PBS telethons, so it was full of long segments of a couple of ladies talking in front of a room full of people taking donations over the phone. so annoying! but shucks, isn't Gilbert cute?

Mary Poppins & The Wizard of Oz: Mostly because my youngest sister Gaea watched them over and over.

I don't know what this picture is though, since dorothy's dress was blue. Any smarty-pants out there want to enlighten us?

Star Wars: Though it wasn't one of the movies I watched as a kid. As you can see, we mostly watched musicals around our house.

Popeye: Mostly after I got married. Not that Richard is a big fan or anything. But we have a copy (that I am guessing I stole from my parents) and my niece wanted to watch it every time we babysat. And i always watched it with her because it is so good. Oh, and because I am clearly such a great babysitter.

Connie and Carla: What is it about this movie that I like so much? They show it on TV every couple of months or so and I watch it every time. I can't help it. I just like it.

Lord of the Rings: Richard and I watch this every Christmas. We only have the extended version, so a good portion of our Christmas break is taken up this way, but what are we gonna do? Its tradition. And only a fool messes with tradition.

Still, hands down, the movie I have seen more than any other (and I am totally guessing here. I can do that you know. Make up stuff and claim that it is true. It's what separates us from the animals!) is The Princess Bride. and what surprises me that I discovered last night, is that even though I have seen it so many times, it still makes me laugh.

Oh, and of course, The Elephant Man. well loved by all.
just kidding. We watched it once and I was traumatized for a week. Sheesh, look at that picture. it still freaks me out. Anthony Hopkins is Terrifying! Ha. just kidding. he is though. Not to mention the guy with the flour sack on his head. it's creepy! I had nightmares every night.

Not as bad as the time i saw Watcher in the Woods, mind you. THAT was a doozy.

Boy, some of those pictures are crummy. But taking crummy pictures is the other thing that separates us from the animals, so let's embrace it! So, what else? For those few of you who have stuck with this post this far, what movies did I miss? I guess I am really asking my family, not that they will answer. They all lost their hands below the wrist in an unfortunate holiday "accident". Worst Arbor Day Ever.

I know my readers are either nonexistent, shy, or missing all of their fingers, but I want to know: what movies have you seen more than any others? what movies scared you silly as a kid? Come on. just tell me! Spill the beans! AND, for the Grand Prize and a years supply of Turkey Dogs, what movie is my the title of this post from?

Well, gotta go. I've got UHF paused on the DVR and I gotta finish it before I can make dinner. I want your answers on my desk by morning!

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  1. You know, I really don't watch movies over and over, unless there's a hot guy. :)

  2. Gremlins gave me nightmares and I don't think I will let my kids see it for a while yet.

    I loved the little house on the prairie series as a kid. We just found all the seasons on DVD here at our library and are checking one out each time we go.

    I also like the Music Man!

  3. Well, with little kids we go through phases. Right now Hercules is just about worn out. When I was a teenager the Crabtrees had an OLD version of Beauty and the Beast. It wasn't animated and I really liked it. I think I watched it every time I would baby-sit. Back in the old days we didn't even have VCR's...there was an old Beta machine. Do you even remember that? Richard might remember the Crabtree's Beta. So the point is that we were at the mercy of the TV when I was growing up...all three channels. If ya know what I mean. Sorry to hear about your family's holiday accident. I still do have my hands. Love ya, Heahter

  4. As a kid we used to watch TGIF every friday. Including Full-House. Who didn't love that show?
    As of now, I have watched the Bourne Trilogy many times as well as Ever After.
    Another classic my family continues to watch is All Gods Must Be Crazy. Ever heard of it?

  5. Oh, yeah, The Gods Must Be Crazy is a great show! I really like it, but I have only seen it 2 or 3 times.

  6. You forgot Babes in Toyland. I watched it recently. Wow it is stupid.

  7. Watcher in the Woods completely scarred me for life. Disney has been getting my therapy bills for some time now. It was years before I could look in a mirror at night without crapping my pants at the idea that someone else's face would be looking back at me. Nerak!

    I have lots of movies I've seen lots of times, but my head hurts and I can't think of them right now. So pretend that I just told you.

    My cat pretends she needs crap all the time but she really doesn't. That makes her a fricking liar. So animals are capable of that, trust me.

  8. Others that I always watched were Goonies, Pete's Dragon, Short Circuit and ET. Watcher in the Woods totally freaked me out for life too.

  9. The first time I ever saw The Great Race and Anne of Green Gables was at your parents house. Good time. When your mom found out that I had never seen Anne of GG, she told me I was sleeping over and not leaving until we finished it all. And The Princess Bride is a class. Have you ever read the book?

  10. Yeah, I read the Princess Bride, but it has been years, and I read most of it outside and got a sunburn and needless to say I barely remember the book at all. I need to read it again.

    And Abby, I am very sorry to hear about your lying cat. At least we still have the crappy picture thing going for us, right?

  11. Poor Heather with no VCR. Yeah, that makes it kind of hard to watch a movie over and over. the first VCR we had (that I remember) had a remote that was actually attached to the VCR with a wire. I thought the wireless remotes were so fancy!

  12. I can't believe you left out Music Man, since that was right up there with Mary Poppins and Wizard of Oz on the Gaea list. I must have been gone by the time Babes in Toyland became a repeat option.
    I like library videos cause once the week is up, no more 4 year old rewatching. My older kids complain that we own almost no dvds, but since they also complain about how many times they have seen say "Cars" (which we don't even own) you'd think they'd see where I'm coming from.

  13. Oh, and don't forget The Music Man. Wasn't that on the tape after Wizard of Oz?

  14. That last comment was from me. My husband was signed on. Sorry.

    Did you ever watch The Man From Snowy River? That is a re-watch for me.

  15. The title of this blog is, of course, from Popeye.

    There are actually 2 different subjects here. (1) Movies you've seen over and over, and (2) TV shows that you couldn't live without.

    I think most of the movies have been mentioned (I'm typing this with my toes, due to a lack of hands), but for TV shows, Star Trek may have been the most-watched show. Well, there is one other. I cringe to mention it, but I remember an awful lot of times certain kids watched Saved By the Bell.

  16. While You Were Sleeping. and What A Girl Wants (for some reason...probably because my friends and I all thought the guy was cute). And Rachel and Becca watch Two Weeks Notice probably every two weeks. Not kidding. I don't get it, but that's how it is.

  17. I had totally forgotten about Watcher in the Woods until now! Dang! My best friend and I were in junior high, we had a sleep over at her house and we were watching it late one night. It scared the heck out of me! Now you got me remembering it! Thanks a lot Elesa... by the way.... I still have moments when I wish I could marry Gilbert Blythe (or at least the hot actor that played him). Remember:
    Anne: I went looking for my ideals outside of myself. I discovered it's not what the world holds for you, it's what you bring to it. The dreams dearest to my heart are right here.

    Gilbert: Well, I hope you keep on dreaming. It will be three years before I finish medical school, and even then, there won't be any diamond sunbursts or marble halls.

    Anne: I don't want any sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you. (They kiss).

    ***I had to write that... that's my favorite quote***

  18. Some others that have added quotes which will forever remain part of our conversation:

    Three Amigos: "Do you have a plethora?"
    Hook: "You need a mommy very very bad!"
    Monte Python: "Why do witches burn? Cause they're made of wood?"
    While You Were Sleeping: "Shocker"
    Labyrinth: "Nothing? Nothing? Nothing, tra la la?"

  19. Gaea, Faralee and I actually called and left messages on someone's answering machine (maybe your family's?) of the whole dialogue from While You Were Sleeping.

  20. What about "Murder By Death"?!
    Didn't your family watch that over and over?

  21. Good stuff! The Elephant Man is a great film...I always wanted to be like The Elephant Man and now I AM! *self back pat*!