Just thinking out loud.

Jun 17, 2009

I hope you folks are paying attention to the title here. Those aren't just words I typed in for kicks. They mean something. You might take it as a warning. I'm just saying.

So, OCCASIONALLY I will wonder what you people want to hear about. And I still don't know. So i thought about asking you. Maybe this would be another good time for a poll. I still haven't addressed the results of the last poll, which was very revealing, very revealing. But that is neither here nor there.

Lately, all I want to read about is food (so much so that sometimes I pull down my recipe folders and just flip through them for fun. For hours. Everyday.) so that makes me wonder, would YOU like to hear about food? But that is silly. Even if you did, (and come on, of course you do. Are we people or are we people?) coming to my blog to read about food is a little like going to a Star Trek convention to learn about Astronomy: more fun than you expected, but crammed full of weirdos who don't actually know anything.

So, what else is there? Should I write about my day? About books I read? about things my 2 year old does? About pictures I take? Dreams I have?

i was wondering all this when I realized that, not only should I probably write about all of it, but even if you told me not to, I would still do whatever I wanted anyway. So... sorry. I wanted your input, but wasn't actually going to listen to it. That is what happens when you jump on a train of thought in the middle of the tracks. You think you are headed for one destination, but it turns out you were going somewhere totally different. Like..... Nowheresville, Missouri.

However, if there is something that I have been lacking, information that only I can give - such as how many times it is possible for a person to fall UP a flight of stairs in one day - then let me know. If you are not getting the information you seek, tell me and I will try to put it right.

And because I am just thinking out loud, and it is late here in my head, I'm pretty sure this mostly doesn't make sense. And that is ok. Sometimes sense is not what you make of it, but what it makes of you.