Wherin I Use My Blog to Get Information

May 29, 2009

So I've mentioned that I am getting more into cooking lately: trying out new recipes, thinking about trying out new recipes, eating food,tasting food, smelling food, reading food blogs, etc. And everything I read lately talks about Food Processors.

Well, I have never used one. Crazy, I know. But I obviously need one. The only reason I didn't know that before is because I never saw any TV commercials telling me so. So i need all ya'lls advice. Do you have one? Do you like it? Would you recommend it? What features should I look for? What attachements do I need to make sure it has? Which blades do you use the most?

The future of my kitchen is in your hands!
Well... ya know, sort of.

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  1. I have a really cheap, small one, and it definitely comes in handy sometimes.

  2. I have a small hand-crank one. I've never used it even once. The only time I ever saw my mother use her handy-dandy one was to chop up zuchini (sp?) for bread. We've both survived without regardless.

  3. Oh yeah. I used to have a hand crank one that I never used either. I think I gave one to my mom and sister, for use during the apocalypse. Cuz when there is no power, we are still going to want to chop up our food!

  4. I have a small one that attaches to my hand blender and I love it! I actually use it more often that I thought I would. We make a lot pasta sauces from scratch and it's great to dice up veggies.

  5. Elesa - i posted about this on hewettfam.com just for you (and a few others. . .). it was too long to post as a comment so i hope it helps.

  6. Ian is the cook around our house and he is IN love with his food processor. I'm pretty sure if it came down to it, he would leave me for his food processor. He uses it to grind up veggies and add them to everything he cooks. We get a lot more veggies that way and we don't have the awful task of having to taste them. :)