Stuff that 2 Year Olds Can Get Away With

May 27, 2009

1. Picking their nose in public. Like so:

2. Excessive Friendliness. Yes, the Rest of the World is required to be friendly, but there is a definite line between being friendly and being all-up-in-their-grill that would be all too easy to cross. With babies though, that line is much further away and a little blurry. So when Harrison sidled up to the sweet old Lady sitting next to us in church and started bouncing his little teddy bear up and down on her head, she thought it was cute. And when he had that same bear give her kisses on the cheek, it was downright adorble. She was smitten. I'VE tried to make friends that way, but it always backfires.

3. Walking around with no pants on. (Away from home, of course. Who wears pants when they are at home?) Notice that he still has shoes on. In accordance with the requirements of decency. If he was pantless AND barefoot, that would really be too much.

4. Brazenly scratching their tushy in a room full of people. AND have everyone think it's charming.

5. Playing with Barbies.
Apparently he has just realized she is naked and is appropriately shocked. "Barbie! How could you?!"

6. Running like this:

I recommend turning on your volume.

Hot Dog! I sure am good with that video camera!
I am always talking about how great it is to get older, blah, blah, blah, but being 2 years old seems to be pretty ok too.