to bore or not to bore

May 14, 2009

i know I haven't written much lately. It is my shift key. It is giving me problems. You may have noticed that my punctuation has gotten a little lazy. I know, you could probably barely stand it. i understand. oh, and also, I have been so busy cooking there has been no time to write. One of those is probably the real excuse for my absence.

I wanna write now though, but I don't have anything to write about.

Hmm... Nope. Still nothing. I guess I'll wait a little longer.

You know, sometimes I worry so much about making sure I am writing things that people want to read that I can't actually write at all. It is hard trying to divine what you people want. Worrying about your thoughts, feelings and interest seems to be detrimental to the creative process. (A bag of chocolate chips and a tub of whipped cream can be considered a "process", right?) But really, it isn't fair to all of you for me to only write what you want to hear. You need to read something awful every once in a while so that you can appreciate the good stuff. But don't worry, Giving you uninteresting things to read is a service I provide free of charge. How many sites offer you that? Yeah. You're welcome.

I still don't actually have anything to say. But that is the perfect mindset for a post like this. I hope you are all still reading. Don't quit just because you are bored. It is SUPPOSED to be boring. If it is boring, you know it is working. Think of this as Entertainment Therapy.

So, lets see. maybe I will tell you about my vacation. Yep, we just went on a mini vacation. I call it mini because we went all the way to Salt Lake. We stayed in a little hotel that got good reviews and won my heart with their free cookies in the foyer and an indoor pool and free hot breakfast. But our first night there was maybe the longest night of my life because of the bed. Oh, the bed. that was absolutely the worst bed i have ever slept in. It was like sleeping in a bean bag. And not in the fun way. It is one thing to curl up on a bean bag in front of the TV and fall a sleep for a little while. But it is another thing altogether to hunker down to bed for the night on your bean bag, and really expect to sleep well. Plus, with two of us in the bed we always sort of ended up in a heap in the middle of the bed, like when you sleep on a trampoline. Not as fun as when I was a kid.

The worst part of that bed was the bedding. Hotel blankets are always annoying, but the sheet didn't fit, so no matter how tight I pulled it and how smooth I made it, as soon as we laid down in the bed, the sheet would pull up and get all crazy wrinkly and wrap around my legs until I wanted to cry. My bed at home is nothing to cheer about, but I couldn't wait to get home and sleep in it again.

I could tell you all kinds of exciting things about our vacation at this point, but that is not the purpose of this session. Thank you for your time, you are free to go.