A Recipe For You

May 17, 2009

Kaori asked for a recipe, so i'm gonna give you a recipe. I know some of you already read Our Best Bites, so please forgive me if this is a repeat for you. But I made this treat on Mother's Day and it turned out GREAT (on my first try!) which means it is pretty hard to mess up. So here is the recipe for:

Apple Streusel Bars!!!

I'm not going to actually include the recipe, because that is just way too much work, but if you click on the picture, it will direct you to the recipe on Our Best Bites, which is the best way to get it anyway.

I made this for breakfast, cuz YUM, and though the recipe says to let it cool before putting the frosting on, I couldn't wait and frosted it and ate it hot and it was delicious! And also very sweet. Really, really sweet. And that was when i remembered that i don't like sugar first thing in the morning (which is why I don't eat sugary cereals for breakfast). And it took me most of the day to recover from my sugar shock. Didn't know that could even happen to me, did you? Pretty sure my mom thinks syrup flows through my veins instead of blood.

So it was good warm, but it was even better the next day. I took them as a treat for my sunday school class, (even though Richard said, "Are you sure they will consider those a treat?" because anything with fruit in it doesn't actually count as sugar in his mind) and my class said they liked them and ate them right up.

The only variation I made was, because I am not crazy about almond flavoring, I left it out of the glaze and it was still very yummy. So there you have it. apples + sugar = good.

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  1. I will definitely have to try this.

  2. Do you have to peel the apples? Cause that sounds like a lot of work.

    Maybe I'm just tired.

  3. Silly Scorchi. That made me laugh and laugh. You could probably try it without peeling the apples, but I really don't know what that would do. Don't you have one of those nifty apple peeler/corer thingies?

  4. IN my opinion, if I didn't have a nifty apple peeler corer thingies I would leave the peels on for added fiber. But please wash the apples before making this Scorchi!
    That was funny.
    It looks so good! I can't wait for my apple tree to grow apples so I can make delicious apple concoctions.

  5. Can u also put a recipie for me? That sweet bread you use to make that you'd put in a bag? Amish bread? Friendship bread? Something like that...it was my favorite EVER! I want to try & make it!

  6. Ma, maybe you could try a potato peeler and then the apple chopper to get the core out.
    Ravenna said that potatoes are the apples of the earth.