May 07, 2009

If you missed last night's little post, boy are you missing out. It was... er... special. But it is gone now and it is not coming back, so if you saw it, just count yourself lucky.

Subject Change

Yesterday at Shopko I saw two teenage girls buying pregnancy tests. That's right. Not one pregnancy test, but two. My first thought was "Jackpot!" and I truly almost talked to them. After almost running them down with my shopping cart of course. (I just can't help myself.) But how do you start that conversation?

"So... Bun in the oven?"
"Boy, sure hope you're knocked-up!"

So instead I just sort of followed them around for a while. I felt like I was letting a great opportunity pass, though I still don't know what I could have done that wouldn't have been weird/creepy.

So then I got in line to checkout. I was telling Harrison to stop grabbing everything off the shelves and the old man ahead of me in line turned around and looked at me. I smiled and looked away (like normal people do) but he just kept staring. I looked up again really quick to see if he was really still looking, and yep, he was. I could feel his eyes boring into me. It wasn't like he was a sweet old guy suffering from dementia. He was all there. I thought maybe he disapproved of me telling Harrison no, but I really don't know, and I couldn't think anymore with those eyes penetrating my calm! I tried not to look up at him anymore, but it was like my eyes were drawn to his by some unexplained power, and each time our eyes met, there he was, stone-faced, still staring at me. Just when I thought I would scream under his gaze, he finally turned around. Gees! It must have been a good 45 seconds. That is like an eternity in staring years! What was his deal?

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  1. We were just having a conversation at lunch, at the Troubled Youth Conference, about our 14 year-old female clients who all want babies. It's INSANE!

  2. Maybe the guy was your REAL father. Sorry, Acell, but not everybody knows. And he was taking you in, finally happy to see how his long lost child turned out.

    Or maybe I've been watching too much lifetime TV for women.

  3. That's like TWO eternities in staring years.

    (And I LOVE your "dibs!" comment. Hilarious!)

  4. First I missed the first post and now my curiosity is bugging me. :( Also the Dibs, cracked me up too. Was the guy staring at you or your son? Or both of you? Creepy

  5. Found you on MMB, and had to tell you I understand. I get the stare from the elderly occasionally. I can't tell what it means, either. So, should you ever find out please fill me in. Happy Mother's Day!