February 05, 2009

I just figured out what my problem with Twilight is. Besides that it is a highschool romance, which I am just not that into, I like to read books about smart people. Either people that I come to look up to or admire because they seem to be smart from the beginning, or they learn something throughout the story and end up a lot wiser than when they started. But Bella starts out dumb and never seems to learn anything. Now, I never read the last book, (because by the end of the 3rd book I was too fed up with her dumbness to read anymore) but she just keeps on being immature, and making stupid, irrational decisions. The girl needs a good sound karate kick to the head, but, sadly, I doubt it would do any good.

Ok fans, disagree with me. I'm ready. I can take it.

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  1. I'd do it! I've been itching to karate kick someone in the head!

  2. Ha! I love it. I'm not a fan of Twilight.

    My old profile picture used to be me kissing the book, but it was tongue in cheek, and my actual profile reflected that. A lot of people still didn't quite understand that.

  3. I totally felt the same way by the end of book 3. The first cardinal rule of writing is that your main character should learn and grow. But I needed closure and so read book 4. I don't know if you read about why Stephanie Meyer wrote them the way she did, but it's because she succomed to the persuasion of her publisher to extend the book series (and made a fortune). I'm disappointed by that loss of integrity, but I'm happy to know that her intention was not to drag out Bella's stupidity. Darn that pressure! She's lucky she had fans through the whole thing.

  4. I couldn't make it through book 2. I just wanted to smack her and yell "Snap out of it!!!"

  5. i liked you before, but now I love you! If Bella were my daughter she would have gotten a swift karate-kick to the head by now...grrrrr ( I also did not read the last one for the same reason...but i will admit, I did read the first three of them in less than 10 days which i realize is no record since I've known women who have put life on hold and let their children fend for themselves for 72 hours straight, but you know...no judging;)

  6. my kids did just fine fending for themselves...glad they aren't as dumb as Bella...

    I hated all the books yet I read them all. I think that makes me feel kind of dumb wasting all that time. Bella does learn something in the last book...she learns a lot about sex and how to use her powers. That is all so it really isn't worth reading if you didn't like book 1,2 or 3.

    I am really disappointed in Stephanie Meyer...she really shouldn't associate her name with BYU or LDS, really.