The reason I have called you here.....

Jan 11, 2009

So, let us discuss the sacrament. Or rather, let you sit and read while I ramble about some sacrament related thing.

It makes me laugh. Harrison LOVES it. If we are sitting in the back, as soon as the deacons start passing the sacrament Harrison starts pointing at them and making the "I want" noise. He gets pretty insistent. It requires all my powers of persuasion to convince him that the kid wearing the huge tie and carrying the tray full of bread really will bring it to us eventually. And then I have to do it all over again with the water. If I am not convincing enough, he will cry. We try not to sit in the back if we can help it.

So then the sacrament comes. I take a piece of bread for me and a piece for Harrison and pass the tray on. I eat my piece, and Harrison nibbles away at his. I try to get him small pieces, but they are never small enough and he will usually get full half way through and set his piece down for a while.

Same thing happens with the water. You know how big those cups are. You know how much water they hold. About a teaspoon worth, at most. Barely a sip. Hardly enough to wet your mouth. And Harrison will nurse his forever. He will throw his head back and gulp and gulp and when he pulls the cup away it is still half full! How is that possible? It almost always takes him at least four or five good pulls to empty his cup. Kids are weird. They can eat almost nothing and make it seem like a feast.

Good grief, no wonder he is so small. I am going to start recommending the Harrison diet to all those who ask me. (What? People ask me. Don't look so surprised!) Here it is:
Breakfast: Three cheerios
Lunch: No more than 10 noodles with carrots
Dinner: Milk
If you find you are still hungry after all that you can lick the peanut butter off a piece of bread for a snack. Healthy and Delicious!!