Another Saturday night and I ain't got no body.

Jan 10, 2009

Today we went to the grocery store. It is the very hippest place to be on a Saturday night. Everybody who is anybody was there. That is alot of bodies. So, we shopped, Richard, Harrison and I. It is always kind of fun to shop with Richard, though we always come out with lots more treats than we planned. So, we went to the checkout, pushing Harrison along in his gigantic cart, and the checkout lady smiled at us all and waved at Harrison and said "How old is your guy?" And I replied, "He's 37." And continued to put the food on the conveyor belt. She must not have really heard me, because she said "And what's his name?" I was about to say "Richard", but I started giggling and I couldn't stop. The checkout lady looked confused and asked what I was laughing about, and Richard kindly explained to her that I thought I was hilarious and was pretending that she was asking about him, and was going to tell her his name, etc. Ha. Ha. While he explained all this she rang us up and I paid, though I couldn't look at her. I was just getting control of myself again while the bagger finished bagging up the items and then she said to Harrison, "Hi Cutie! How are you?" And Richard said "Oh I'm doing just fine!"