Understanding Women: Part 2

Dec 26, 2008

And now to continue our series about the mysteries of women, where we address those questions men have asked about the baffling things that women do.

Item Two: Why do women expect us to be able to read their minds?

Because deep, deep down inside, in that little part of her that still loves ball gowns and unicorns and true love, she believes that if you REALLY, TRULY loved her, you would know what she was thinking, And the fact that you don’t know sort of shatters her magical little dream world. Over and Over. You big jerk.

Besides, for someone who can read minds herself, it is a little hard to be patient with someone who can’t. And even when she is being mostly rational she can't help but think that you probably could if you tried hard enough. You just haven't tried hard enough yet. So get busy.