If this, then that.

November 26, 2008

Every time I take my car in to Big-O, to get my tires rotated or some other simple thing, they find that I need new ball bearings, or new axle hubs, or need to replace the muskrat running around in the engine. This means that a 30 minute stop that is supposed to be free ends up costing me at least $500 dollars and takes all day. If new problems crop up every time I take my car into a shop for any reason, does it follow that if I STOP taking my car into the shop, that things will stop breaking on it?

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  1. Seems totally logical to me. I think sometimes they just make stuff up. :)

  2. Seriously doesn't it feel like these free ROUTINE check ups are really opportunities to charge us for something.

  3. Funny you say that. I just took our car in to have the brakes replaced and after the inspection they had a list that added up to a thousand dollars! NO JOKE! Unfortunately, we actually did need those other things done like a leaky water pump, kinda important, and belts changed. Oh well. We found a shop to do the big stuff cheaper. I know your pain all too well.