Wicked Good Paint Job

November 25, 2008

A couple of years ago we did some work in our living room. (To see details, click here.) After a lot of discussion and debate over a color choice for the walls - which I, of course, won - we picked our color and went to K-mart to buy it. Because it was convenient. I mean, yes, Martha Stewart is pretty awesome. But she also kind of scares me, you know? What scares me more than her, though, is this paint. Look at the finish they gave us. I asked for Satin, but noooooooo.

At the time, we just thought it was funny and had our laugh at the silly paint tech and that was it. But maybe we shouldn't have taken it so lightly. My living room is ALWAYS dusty. Extraordinarily dusty. I have normally blamed Richard for this but lately I remembered this paint, and now I wonder. Have we been cursed? Are our living room walls now possessed? Are we going to be forced to perform an exorcism, or worse, paint over it? And if I do nothing, is this dust just going to keep on building up at an accelerated rate until I am forced to eventually clean in there? Gosh. The Devil really IS in the details.

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  1. SATAN Ha Ha.. It took me a minute.

  2. Do you like the color? Maybe the dust is the carpet you picked or the curtains?

  3. Your paint (from photos) really brings elegance to your living room. I love brown walls... though there are a million shades of brown our there.

  4. Elesa, your posts are so creative. I wish I was more like you. To come up with a humorous and interesting something out of seemingly nothing paint cans takes talent. Publish, I say!

  5. 90% of household dust is human skin, so maybe you just need better skin lotion.
    That, or your hubby should stop itching his belly.