First Thing in the Morning Thoughts

October 31, 2008

Harrison woke up at 5:30 this morning, so I gave him some water and he fell back asleep. Due to the waking up he slept in until 8:30 (now) and thusly I have just woken up as well. He is my alarm clock. Are you with me? Are you keeping up? Do I need to go back over it? I hope not, cuz I seriously just woke up, and sentence formation is kind of difficultish.

So I was having this dream. I had found an old wallet and an old book of mine (both of which don't actually exist, by the way.) The wallet was so cute and perfect - you know the kind: Small, compact, but when you open it up it has all the slots and pockets you could ever want or need. Inside was a bunch of money - including a $4.00 bill and some monopoly money - and other wonderful things, that I can't come up with the words for right now.

Inside the book I had pressed some leaves, and also some jewelry, though I"m not sure how that works. The leaves all crumbled and fell apart, but the jewelry was so cute! On each page I pulled out more earring and necklaces and baubles and cute stuff and I just kept thinking "Ooh Neat! What a great day!"

But then I woke up and it was just a dream. I don't have that perfect wallet and that awesome jewelry. Drat! And that reminded me of this dream I had once when I was a kid. There was all this food in front of me. Mostly sweets. Candy and cookies and pastries and cakes and maybe a hotdog, I think. And just as I was reaching for it to put some of that delicious food in my mouth, I woke up. AARGH! How bitter was my disappointment! Not just that it was a dream, but even in my dream I didn't get to eat the food!!

And I think that dream may be the source of this: I hate in movies, or on TV when a character doesn't get to eat. Did you see How I Met Your Mother a couple weeks ago, when Robin was starving and they were looking for the perfect burger joint and she kept having to leave before she got to eat anything? It was driving me crazy! I started shouting at the TV - "Let her eat! Just give her your hamburger! Please!" And then on What's Up Doc when the golf club guy takes her room service order? Oh, how it rankles! It is up there with the highest forms of torture in my book. So now you know. And knowing is half the sandwich. Goodbye.

p.s. I know there are more examples of withholding food, but those two are the only ones I can think of right now. You got any?

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  1. Ok, this is only related to the dream.
    I had a dream last week, you know the frantic ones where you don't get much sleep because you are so active. Well in this one i was being attacked by some villain, i don't recall why, lets just say i was being attacked by someone with long arms, and i was fending them off. I was holding them back but their arms were getting through and were close to my face... The only form of defence i had was my mouth, so i bit their nasty little hands.
    Next thing i wake up with excrutiating pain.. Someone had bitten my arm!!! This was some serious pain, but not wanting to wake my wife i lay there in the dark wondering how bad the damage was.
    The next morning i discover i have a red ring the size of my mouth on my fore arm which had turned into a lovely bruise the next day, it's only just fading away now 6 days later.
    The only good thing i think that happened is that i wasn't closer to my wife's arm than mine, oh i would have been in some serious trouble.

  2. I have always had those frustrating can't eat the food dreams, but when I started my sugar free diet I suddenly began eat all kinds of sweets in my dreams. Man sugar is delicious in dreams. Unfortunately I couldn't escape the guilt. My dreams always had an air of "What was I thinking".

  3. I watch a cartoon about Ninjas called Naruto (the cartoon is called Naruto, not the ninjas, well, except for one ninja who's name is Naruto, he's called Naruto, but the other ninjas are called by their respective names) and in one of the early episodes, his team of 3 has to accomplish some task, and he's the only one that fails. Well, the reward for not failing is getting lunch, and since he failed, he can't eat, and his teammates have to eat in front of him and CAN'T SHARE UNDER PENALTY OF EXTREME NINJA PUNISHMENT.
    But then one of his teammates shares anyway, and it turns out that was the final test, and they all pass.

  4. "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day". She goes through the entire movie and never gets to eat a bite.

    And before you deride me for referring to such a girly movie, let me distract you with a quick link to page about the movie on one of the coolest websites on the internets: