More Olympics

Aug 23, 2008

As you know (or maybe you don't know. How should I know?) I'm no sports nut. At least not organized, professional sports. Which is why I was only watching gymnastics and diving. I say this just so you know that my opinion isn't necessarily to be trusted. I wouldn't recommend, say, standing around the water cooler tomorrow and quoting me as your new, fav, Olympic guru or anything. That being said, I am always right, and my words are ripe with wisdom.

I watched rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming today. They were both really cool and fun to watch, but seriously, I cannot believe that they are Olympic events. It is dancing! What will be added next? Roller Skating? Clogging? Kitten juggling? I may have to agree with Mike, that only quantifiable sports should be allowed in the Olympics. The only problem with that is, it means gymnastics and diving will probably have to go too, and then ice skating, and then what am I going to watch?

P.S. It really is a shame, however, that MEN'S rhythmic gymnastics isn't an event. THAT is something I would watch! Or men's synchronized swimming for that matter. Ah. I guess I better include a video at this point. Look what we are missing out on!