Dining Room - 1

Aug 23, 2008

I'm out of order. I know. Summer '04 we did a little work in the dining room. Faralee and Jessie helped a lot at this time. Oh, I just remembered that we gave them the dining room to decorate and design. I had forgotten about that. I don't even remember what some of the plans were.

Originally, the dining room was shorter. There was a small doorway into the kitchen, and from the kitchen, a doorway into a little back room that was used as a laundry room; complete with super old Washing machine. Which we got $50 bucks for at an antique store.

This right here is the spot where the addition was attached to the original brick house. Because the addition wasn't put on a foundation, at some point it started to sink a bit. As it fell, it tore the wallpaper, so the sweet lady living here decided to do some home improvement of her own.

In July '04 we tore the lathe and plaster off that dividing wall.