The Master Bedroom

Feb 28, 2008

We were really so very fortunate to get so much furniture along with the house. The Realtor told us that the family had already come through the house and taken everything that they wanted, and then just left the rest behind. We kept hoping to find treasures, but it was almost all junk.

We had to rip out the ceiling in this room as well (we had to in every room) to put in insulation and run electricity. Tore off that wonderful wallpaper. No carpeting in here, just this linoleum area rug thing. The rug had been laid, and then the wood floor had been painted around the edges of the rug. And it is a plastic rug, there is no doubt about that.

You can see in the top photo that there is a chimney that ran between the windows, which we tore out and bricked up. We also had to brick up the doorway into the other upstairs bedroom (see photo at left). Originally, the only way into the other room was through this room, but we tore out another wall, and bricked this one up.

Also notice in this picture the light switch next to the door. There were no outlets or light switches, so channels had to be dug in the the walls (which are brick, remember), a conduit run for the wire, and then the whole thing mortared over. While the room was a construction zone we slept in a camper trailer in our back yard - for about 6 weeks. It is very windy here.

Richard did this cool little cathedral type effect to the ceiling, because he is awesome. We're planning to do all the trim work for the whole house when everything else is done.
And there you have it. Another room crammed full of stuff.
(June 2005 - September 2005)