Feb 26, 2008

At the risk of getting political and possibly offending my gender, I would like to make some observations.

(1) Lists are really super fun.

(2) Men and Women are different. Says so on the deodorant and multivitamin commercials.

(3) I really hope Hilary Clinton is not our next president. If you love her, that's swell, but don't bother telling me why I should change my mind. I don't really care.

(4) Most people prefer to look past gender and instead focus on the issues. That is nice of them, but ultimately unfair. Our differences as women are often our greatest strengths.

(5) Unfortunately, the things that make women different from men can also be considered definite weaknesses, especially in our Commander in Chief. I am including a short video clip to illustrate some of the complications that can arise by having a woman in charge.

There you have it. Catastrophe. Calamity. Carnage.

(6) Bon Jovi's portrayal of the alien Blorax is Breathtaking.