Nov 5, 2007

Well, the numbers are in! We have tallied up the votes for the Poll Poll and it is time to reveal the exciting results. (If you are thinking: "Hey! I just looked, and there are still like a bunch of days left to vote" too bad! It was taken before a committee and I decided to cut it.)

You will be relieved and perhaps intrigued to learn that not ONE person thinks that polls are a waste of time. Isn't that great?! It was a close race, but at the last minute some courageous voter dove in and broke the tie. The results are these:

In the Instance of the Poll entitled: What do you think of Polls?

"They are a colossal waste of time"
- 0 votes
- 1 vote,
"16 Chickens and a Duck" - 4 votes, and
"They hold up my tent real good"
- 5 votes!

It's great to see that if any of you stumble across a poll you don't need, you all know just where to stick it. The support for this survey was overwhelming. Thank you so much to those who contributed time and loot to make it a success.